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At Glapthorn, we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of the children.  We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude, health and academic achievement of all our children.


Oundle Cricket Club Competition​


What is the Sports Premium?


The government has been providing £150 million per annum from the academic year 2013/14 to provide new and substantial primary school sports funding.  The money is to be used by Head Teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.  This year, the funding has doubled, and each school will receive £16,000 plus an extra £5 per pupil each year.  At Glapthorn, that means about £16,300 per year.


 Cluster Cross-Country Competition

 Purpose of the funding


Schools have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport but we have freedom to choose how to do this.  Our main aims as a school are to make sustainable improvements by ensuring that our teachers are confident to deliver the highest quality PE.  We want the money to have real impact by ensuring as many children as possible have access to a wide range of extra-curricular sports.  We aim to involve our children in developing sport in the school through our sports crew leaders and through the use of the School Council.


For 2013-14, we partly spent the money on buying into an enhanced package that meant our teachers worked alongside a highly qualified PE teacher, Mr Long, to deliver PE.  We continued to do this in 2014-15 and, at a reduced level in 2015/16 and 2016/17, reducing the input as our teachers become more confident with PE delivery.  This gave staff great professional development 'on the job' and made a sustainable difference.  Alongside this,  we also employ sports coaches to work particularly with our older children.  This is usually linked to cluster competitions.  Many of these coaches are funded externally but where they are not, or we need to contribute, we are using our Sports Premium money to do this.


We are also spending money on improving our resources, including play area, both for curriculum PE and also for playtimes when the children do lots of their activity.  Through the sports grant and other grants, we have improved playground markings (chosen by School Council) and paved an large area for ball games at playtimes, as well as for use during curriculum time.  We are currently investigating developing a MUGA on our current playing field area so it is usable all year round, funded by the local authority.


We are proud of the wide range of extra-curricular sports that we offer, including gymnastics, tag rugby, fencing, running, cricket, football, tennis and golf.  We are spending money on providing some of these activities at no or very low cost in order to maximise participation and also on ensuring pupils with disabilities are able to access extra-curricular sports. In 2015-16, we  provided tag rugby, football, cheerleading, running, orienteering, dance, basketball, tri-golf, cricket, hockey and a Change4Life club. In 2016-17, we providedtag rugby, football, basketball, multi-sports, dance, cricket, hockey, Change4Life club and gymnastics.


Since 2014, our aim has been all staff who deliver PE to be trained in 'Real PE'.  This was alongside our continued work with high quality sports coaches, e.g. for rugby and cricket, and ensuring we continued to offer a wide range of extra-curricular sports with a high participation rate.  Miss Louise Gregory taught P.E. once a week in all the classes and she attended 'Real PE' training throughout the year and helped train up the rest of the staff with the support of Mr Long.

For more information, please contact the Head Teacher, Lou Coulthard.



Team Values Winners in Basketball!

Impact of the funding


Teachers are now much more confident in the teaching of PE and so the external support was reduced for 2015-16 and 2016-17 to targeted support for specific areas.  We gained a silver School Games Award and Youth Sports Trust in Summer/Autumn 2014 and we were delighted to be awarded gold in July 2015 and for the second time in September 2016 - we think the progress we have made as a school and the achievement of a gold award is the biggest reflection of the impact of the funding!


84% of pupils participated in an extra-curriculum sports club in 2014-15 and a similar percentage in 2015-16, and 2016-17, including Reception, regardless of financial or physical barriers.  All KS1 and KS2 children who wished to compete in Level Two competition did so.  A wide range of coaching took place with a wide takeup, including of targeted children.  A range of Level 1 competitions took place throughout the year, culminating in a whole school sports afternoon based on Project Ability sports such as seated volleyball, boccia and new-age curling in July 2015 and a teamwork afternoon led by Sports Crew in July 2016.  Assessments are completed following the 'Real PE' model to show the impact on skill levels over time and our targets for 2015-16 were to embed an effective new assessment sytem and to develop all pupils' confidence in knowing their strengths and next steps in P.E.  In 2016-18, we are focused on further building the provision for PE and sports through developing our outside areas and ensuring new staff are supported to teach effective 'Real PE' lessons.




     Sports at Glapthorn    



                                                                   KS1 Athletics​                                                                                       Tag Rugby Competition


              Boccia Competition                              Y4/5 Triathlon                              Table Cricket Competition


                                                                          Y1-6 Cross-Country Competition                                            Y4-5 Basketball Tournament



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