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Summer Term 2017

This term, Reception are learning about 'Animals around the World'.  We have drawn up a list of animals we would like to learn about.  We are really looking forward to finding out all about them and where they come from.


"Quick here comes a bear..."


We were acting out 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' at Forest School. 

We have been using our maths skills as we find out more about animals. ​


We have been using our 'Wildlife Animal Vets' role play area to treat different animals. 


Spring Term 2017

This term, Reception are learning about 'Castles'. We are very excited about being knights, princes and princesses!

To start our new topic we had a special day where we enjoyed lots of different activities such as making turrets and flags for our new role play area, making a life sized knight and maiden, making necklaces by threading gold and silver decorations together, designing new topic books covers and making quills for our writing area.  We also enjoyed listneing to medieval music and dancing to the music with a partner.


This term we also went on a winter walk.  It was very exciting as it had been snowing so we were able to have a lot of fun looking at the tracks in the snow and jumping in the icy (and muddy) puddles.  There was even enough snow to make a few snowballs and have a go at making snow angels.


Later in the term we made some medieval gingerbread, we tried being jesters by making our own music and dances and we also designed our family crests.  We even had a go at jousting.


Every other week Robins enjoy going to Forest School.  There's lots to do when we get there including hunting for amazing new discoveries, building dens, making natural art and telling stories with our woodland puppets.  We have even spotted two robins that live in the forest.  If we are really quiet they sit on the branches and watch what we are doing.


Autumn Term 2016

This term, Robins class are learning about 'All About Me'.

We had a fun Phonic Open Morning, with parents coming in to learn all about how Robins learn Phonics.


We celebrated harvest by picking courgettes from the school allotment and using them to bake courgette and parmesan bread rolls. We then took these to our harvest festival at the local church to share with our parents. They were delicious!


During the term we went on a lovely autumn walk.  We found berries, trees that were losing their leaves, red, orange, yellow and brown leaves and lots of acorns.


Just before Christmas we spent a day making beautiful Christmas decorations and Christmas cards.  It was a lot of fun and we used a lot of glitter.


Phonic Games

Dragon's Den game​ - Use Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4. Can you read the words? Which words are real? Which are alien?

Obb and Bob game​ - Use Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4. Can you read the words? Which words are real? Which are alien?

Dinosaur Silly Questions​ - Use CVC, CCVC and CVCC words. Can you read the question? Is it true or false?

Maths Games

Gingerbread man game - Can you place the numbers in sequence?

Ladybird game - Can you place the numbers in the correct order?​