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All our Governors are currently appointed for a term of four years.


Mrs Julia Hart -  Chair of the Governing Body elected September 2016. A member of the Curriculum, Personnel and Pay Committees; Link Governor for 'Communication and Language'. First elected as a Governor in 2005; became Foundation Governor in 2015.  Term ends 19/08/2019.

I became a Parent Governor when my own children, now in their mid-teens, attended Glapthorn School and have served on the Governing Body continuously since that time. I am a member of the Church Group, serve on the Curriculum Committee, and am the Governor in charge of the School Council, a role I particularly enjoy as it gives me a chance to work with children from across the School. I am the Link Governor for the Communication and Language section of the School Development Plan.

Glapthorn gave my children a brilliant start to their education.  It continues to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where all children can benefit from an amazingly wide range of opportunities inside and outside the classroom, within and beyond the school day.​

Mrs Emma Stephens-Dunn - Vice-Chair of the Governing Body, elected September 2016. Chair of the Personnel Committee, member of the Curriculum Committee; Link Governor for the SENCo and for the 'Personal & Physical Development' team. Currently a Co-opted Governor. Term ends 21/09/2019.



I was re-appointed as a co-opted governor in September 2015, having first been elected as a parent governor in 2006 and continued my work for the school as an Associate Member of the governing body from 2013-15.  I had children attending the school from 2005 to 2013 and although they have now moved on, I remain convinced that Glapthorn School offers children an excellent start to their education, with its nurturing and aspirational ethos, innovative approach to the curriculum and idyllic setting. I have a wide range of experience in school governance

Mrs Tracey Kerr - Foundation Governor. Appointed January 2017. Term ends January 2021.

I was pleased to be given the opportunity to become a Foundation Governor, having been a resident of Glapthorn and a member of  St Leonard's Church congregation for 16 years, and a member of St Leonard's Parochial Church Council since 2014. My daughter attended Glapthorn Primary School, which is where her own connection with St Leonard's Church began by volunteering to read prayers and bible stories at family services. My ambition is to support Glapthorn School in whatever way I'm able, to consolidate its vital role as part of the Glapthorn Village community, and help strengthen links between school and church. My employment background comprises 35 years for the Department for Work and Pensions (and its previous incarnations), where my experience has been in administration and management.  ​


 Mrs Elli Igglesden - Parent Governor. Member of the Pay Committee and Link Governor for Outcomes. Appointed November 2017, term ends November 2021.


I currently have a son in Year 1 and am looking forward to my daughter joining Reception in September. We've lived in Glapthorn since 2009 and love that the school is a central part of the community. As I work full-time, it's easy to feel disconnected with what's happening at school and I wanted to feel more involved, so I made the decision to apply for a governor position in 2017. My day job is in project management and I hope I can bring some of those skills to the role. As well as being a governor, I am also part of the Glapthorn Playing Field Assciation.

Mrs Louise Pike - Parent Governor. Appointed November 2017, term ends November 2021.


Having worked in Education for well over 10 years, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take up the role of Parent Governor. We are new to Glapthorn School, with our eldest daughter starting in Robins class this last September; our youngest daughter will join the school in four years time and so we will be part of Glapthorn School for many years to come. We are local farmers; my husband's family have lived in the area for over 100 years, and we are therefore keen to be actively involved in our local community. Glapthorn School is a small, nurturing school and already offers such fantastic educational opportunities for the chilldren that attend it. I look forward to bringing my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to this role and working alongside the governors, staff and parents as the school continues on its ever-changing educational journey.


The Head of School, Lou Coulthard, is ex-officio a member of the Governing Board







Register of Pecuniary Interests


Name Business Interest Other Governing Bodies Personal Relationship with staff / pupils 

Elli Igglesden Thomas Cook No Parent
Lou Coulthard Head of School, Glapthorn Primary School  No No
Louise Pike  Success for All Foundation UK  No  Parent
Julia Hart None  No  No 
Emma Stephens-Dunn    The King's (The Cathedral) School Peterborough   Yes - The King's (The Cathedral) School       No


Tracey Kerr​

Dept of Work & Pensions





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